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Monday, 4 June 2012

The 2012 Challenge, Day 14: Fettercairn to St Cyrus (8)

I headed on past the school, towards the cliffs and the path down to the beach. As I did so, I met a slightly out-of-focus Big John coming back up from the beach. He had finished ... I still had a little way to go. He asked me if the cafe was still open and I assured him it looked as though it was. I wondered if he would wait for me. After all, it wouldn't take me long to get down to the beach and back up.

When I reached the clifftop, I took some photographs on my mobile phone and sent them to Kathy to let her know I'd arrived. I briefly toyed withteh idea of texting Challenge Control and asking if they could send a helicopter to pick me up from St Cyrus beach, but thought better of it ... probably best not to joke about such things! And so I descended the cliff path to the beach.

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