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Sunday, 3 June 2012

The 2012 Challenge, Day 11: Braemar to Shielin of Mark (1)

Tuesday 22 May started with a delicious cooked breakfast (thank you SO much, Marion Baker!). Then I collected my laundry, jettisoned all the uneaten food which I wouldn't be needing now my resupply parcel had arrived, left the rest of my new tin of boot wax for Richard to put on his boots, and generally did everything I could to lighten the load as much as possible. We hadn't got around to putting my mittens through the washing machine with the tech wash and reproofing stuff, so i left that too for Richard's benefit. It had only cost £8, after all!

My route for the day was supposed to take me over Lochnagar; but there was snow up high and I really didn't want to be venturing into it, so once again it was my low level alternative route that I would be following. And, with that decision taken, I committed myself to omitting every single one of the 17 Munros and 2 Corbetts on my original route card. That was worse, even, than 2011 - when I had at least managed to top out on Beinn Resipol on the first day! But, as I always say - the Challenge is about getting across. Mountains are a bonus. And if you ever have to choose between sacrificing the mountains for the sake of the crossing, or sacrificing the crossing for the sake of the mountains, well, it's the mountains that have to go.

And so I headed out of Braemar on the road past Braaemar Castle (pictured).

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