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Sunday, 3 June 2012

The 2012 Challenge, Day 11: Braemar to Shielin of Mark (3)

In the clearing by Garhb Allt Shiel cottage we came upon a large herd of deer. They were obviously well accustomed to human presence, and did not take fright and run off as we passed, so a reasonable photograph was possible. Then we strode out all the way to Connachat Cottage.

Beyond Connachat Cottage, two tracks came down from the right to join the road we were walking. According to the map there should be two tracks joining from the right, but they should be about 200 metres apart, whereas these looked rather closer than that. Furthermore, they both appeared to join our road at pretty much the same angle, whereas according to the map they should be joining at very different angles. I therefore felt a little uneasy about simply identifying the first track we encountered with the first track shown on the map (which was the track we needed to follow to the Gelder Burn). However, a little bit of compass work soon confirmed that the bearings at the first junction were an exact tally for those of the track shown on the map, and so I was reassured that it was indeed the track we should be taking. As we followed it, though, I kept up a constant reference back to the map, until I was satisfied that it was indeed behaving exactly as it ought. Once we emerged from the trees and the unmistakable form of Ripe Hill was there in front of us, I was entirely satisfied that we were on the correct track.

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