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Sunday, 3 June 2012

The 2012 Challenge, Day 10: A Stroll into Braemar (6)

I stopped for lunch at a layby, where an artist was at work on an oil painting of the view looking back up the Dee to Mar Lodge. This is the view he was painting. We got talking, and it turned out that he is a very celebrated local artist called Howard Butterworth, who has a gallery in Aboyne. He was fascinating to talk to, and even more fascinating to watch at work, and I ended up spending something over two hours in his company, watching him transform the canvas from a painting which would sell for £2,000 into one that will sell for £10,000 (his words, not mine!) Prints of the finished work will probably sell for about £250.

I could happily have spent all day watching Howard at work and learning from him, but I had to get on my way.

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