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Saturday, 2 June 2012

The 2012 Challenge, Day 7: On to Kinloch Rannoch (4)

Once on the east bank of the Allt Eigheach, I was on a good Land Rover track ... however, that was not necessarily a good thing, because Land Rovers don't actually mind fording knee deep rivers - as the crossing of the Allt Gormag (pictured) proved! However, I was able to cross dry-shod using the various rocks and stones, and I was soon at the road.

I changed into my walking sandals and pressed on. The weather was dull and overcast, although not actually throwing a huge amount of precipitation at me. here was no temptation to linger, however, and very little that was worthy of a photograph.

I passed through Bridge of Gaur at just after 3.30: quite clearly, aiming to stop at Bridge of Gaur would have made for a short day today and a very short day tomorrow. Not a good idea when behind schedule and trying to make up time. Pressing on to Kinloch Rannoch was plainly the better idea - especially as the signpost at the road junction in Bridge of Gaur said that it was just 11 miles. If that could be relied upon, then I ought to manage to be there no later than 8 and hopefully a little earlier. That sounded good to me ... IF the signpost could be relied upon!

Rounding the bend in the road by the north entrance to Rannoch Lodge, I saw an elderly gentleman in his garden putting out food on his bird table (which had a truly amazing flock of birds swirling round it) - so I asked him if the road sign distances could be relied upon. When he assured me that they could, I asked if I could use his telephone to see if the Dunalastair had a room for the night. He invited me in, allowed me the use of his telephone ... and yes, the Dunalastair had a room - which I booked, and told them to expect me about 8.

Getting away from the elderly gentleman was not all that easy! He was very chatty (and his wife, who arrived back home while I was there, even more so!) and he insisted on providing me with a hot drink of Belvoir ginger cordial. I had the greatest difficulty preventing him from pressing a whole bottle of it on to me to carry away with me! However, he eventually accepted that I had neither the space in my rucksack nor the ability to carry the additional weight ... and settled for refilling my water bottles for me instead. So it was just after 4 when I hit the road again ...

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