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Friday, 1 June 2012

The 2012 Challenge, Day 4: Off Map and On Road (8)

When I arrived at Spean Bridge station, there was a freight train waiting patiently for the sleeper to clear the line. Powder wagons, presumably loaded with aluminium oxide for the aluminium works at Fort William. No need to guess which platform I needed to be on, then!

Shortly before the train arrived, I noted with wry amusement the arrival of another passenger. Even if the sleeper DIDN'T stop at Spean Bridge unless there was a passenger with a ticket waiting to get on, it would have been stopping this evening! I had been waiting 25 minutes or so ... she had to wait barely two minutes before the train pulled in to the station (pictured just arriving, under the road bridge) and I smiled and complimented her on her sense of timing!

I boarded the train and explained to them that I was supposed to be boarding at Corrour, and so would need to pay an excess fare. They weren't interested in collecting fares, however. All they were interested in was telling the driver that he didn't need to stop at Corrour after all! Then the stewardess showed me to my cabin. I was a little disappointed to note that the hospitality pack only contained a flannel and a towel. I'd been hoping to shave off my beard growth, and I remarked that I seemed to remember the packs containing razors and other stuff. The stewardess remarked that only the first class passengers got them ... but I gave her one of my winning smiles, and she said she'd go and see if they had a spare one. She was back a few minutes later ... and I got my shave; after which I changed into some fresh clothes and went to the day coach to enjoy a wee dram before retiring to my bed for the night.

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