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Monday, 4 June 2012

The 2012 Challenge, Day 13: Tarfside to Fettercairn (2)

Maybe I should have taken a closer look at my map before setting off along the roads, because there is in fact a riverside track on the south side of the river which eventually joins the road to Dalbog and would have allowed me to avoid going up into the hills without having to spend all day on the roads. Oh well ...

The road down Glen Esk is a very pleasant road to walk (albeit littered with a LOT of roadkill - mostly rabbits, but there was also a pheasant and a deer) and some of the views are really rather delightful. However, I could see a walker on the path to the south of the river (or was it two walking in step? I couldn't quite see). It wasn't Big John ... so it was presumably either Jim Davidson or Dave Collins. Or both. And I couldn't help thinking, somewhat wistfully, that maybe I should have been across there with them.

Still, one of the advantages of being on the road was that I could make cracking progress. I'd left Tarfside at 9, and the kilometres were just flying past. And at this stage of the Challenge, this is what matters. Because at this stage of the Challenge, you have so much effort invested in the crossing that you just want to get on and get it finished.

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