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Saturday, 2 June 2012

The 2012 Challenge, Day 8: Down Glen Errochty (4)

The track north to Mullinavadie is beautiful. The woods are much more extensive than they appear on the map, and there is lovely springy turf offering a number of lovely looking pitches if ever you're in need of somewhere to camp in these parts. I sat on one for my midday glug stop; and I have to say i was so enchanted with the place that I sat there for quite a while.

Beyond Mullinavadie, however, the track is not the nicest of routes. It gets very muddy; and then as you approach the road there is heavy construction work going on. Still, you can't have everything!

I had hoped to be in Trinafour for lunch; however, my long midday glug stop had put me a little behind schedule. By the time 1 o'clock rolled around, I was only just off the yellow road and onto the B847. So I sat on the verge, enjoying my lunch, and greeting the cyclists as they went past. A convoy of four or five Dutch and German motorists in a variety of 2-seat convertibles went past, too, and waved to me so I waved back.

After lunch, it was a long slog on the road down Glen Errochty, which is a pleasant enough glen but more suited to driving than to walking. At 2 o'clock there was a little light rain, but this was the only time I needed my waterproofs all day. At 2.15 a car coming towards me slowed to a stop, and it turned out to be the kindly old man who had allowed me to use his telephone to book a room at the Dunalastair with his wife. We chatted a little, and then they drove on. And then, at 3.30, I reached the turning for Old Struan.

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