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Monday, 4 June 2012

The 2012 Challenge, Day 13: Tarfside to Fettercairn (1)

Thursday 24 May was another bright, clear morning which promised to turn into a scorchingly hot day. My route card for the day said that I would take the south bank of the river, then go over Hill of Wirren and East Wirren, and over Hill of Corathro to Little Tullo and Lochside, cross the bridge in Edzell and then by way of Inch of Arnhall and Meikle Strath into Fettercairn. But that would involve spending a lot of the day up on exposed hill tops, in fierce sunshine, with no water sources. And I just thought ... "Nah!" And so I decided to stay north of the river, and just walk the Glen Esk road. OK, so it meant a lot of road walking when I'd planned a day that was nearly all off road ... but the off road route would always be there another year.

Breakfast options at Tarfside are generally bacon rolls or bacon rolls (or book breakfast at The Retreat instead) - but as the roll bit was not an option for me, they agreed to do me a plate of bacon and eggs. Which, I have to say, was absolutely delicious and set me up for the day. Then I settled my account, and Jim gave me another couple of squirts of his sun cream for my arms. And finally, before setting out for Fettercairn, I took a photo of 6 wonderful folk of Team Tarfside.

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