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Monday, 4 June 2012

The 2012 Challenge, Day 14: Fettercairn to St Cyrus (7)

I turned the corner at NO 744651, and there was the sign telling me I had reached my destination! Now all I had to do was get down to the beach.

At the main road there are public toilets and a bus stop. It was a little before 1.30 and I checked the bus times. There should be a bus at 2.48 which would do me just fine; and if I missed that, there was another at 3 o'clock. So no need to worry about getting to Montrose before 5 - everything would be just fine.

So I walked through St Cyrus, and found myself passing the primary school while the children were still out in the playground enjoying their lunch break. Suddenly somebody shouted "There's one o' them hikers!" and they all came crowding over to the fence, shouting "Well done" and applauding me as I passed. It really was a rather special welcome to the east coast!

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