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Sunday, 3 June 2012

The 2012 Challenge, Day 9: Right Up Yer Tilt (10)

I passed the ruins of Bynack Lodge a little after 6. According to the map, the path leads you right up to Bynack Lodge, and then you have a choice of a path which crosses the Bynack burn immediately, or a Land Rover track which stays to the east of the Bynack Burn, crosses the Allt an t-Seilich, and then fords the Bynack Burn lower down where it is much broader. On the ground this was not what happened at all. The path never turned towards Bynack Lodge, so far as I could tell; and it just became the Land Rover Track. So I found myself stone-hopping across the Allt an t-Seilich, and then fording the Bynack Burn lower down. It was wide and had a reasonable flow, and picking my way as best I could my boots had to repel a fair bit of water. Fortunately, with all the wax I'd piled onto them before I started, they were up to this task and my socks stayed dry.

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