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Saturday, 2 June 2012

The 2012 Challenge, Day 6: Through the Lairig Leacach (5)

There was a tent pitched at Creaguaineach Lodge - but it was clear from the other paraphernalia strewn around that this was a fisherman's camp, so I didn't investigate to see if a friendly Challenger was in residence. Instead, I pressed on to the Abhainn Rath ... and was overjoyed to see that the bridge was still very much intact and in use. I mean, OK, so I'm not sure I should have been too happy crossing a bridge like that in a high wind; but there wasn't really any wind today. Just the steady, drizzly rain that had kept me in my waterproofs ever since i alighted from the train in Spean Bridge this morning.

Beyond the bridge, the path is a well-made land rover track. After slipping and slithering my way down the Allt na Lairige I was glad of this - even though the reason the Allt na Lairige path had been in such an abysmal condition was that it had been badly churned by motor vehicle wheels, and those motor vehicles had probably got there along this very track! Well, no matter. As I walked across the south shore of Loch Treig, my thoughts turned to the last time I had walked this way, in company with Oliver Freudenthal and his delightful young wife. We were all new Challengers together, back then. The Freudenthals' first child had been conceived on the 2000 Challenge, quite possibly at their camp that very evening. And now, he or she would be nearly secondary school age ...

After the stiff old climb to the Allt Luib Ruairidh, i decided to take the path to Loch Ossian Youth Hostel. I knew there was no chance of a bed for the night, as it is always fully booked out by a school party at this time of year nowadays. What I didn't know, however, was whether I would be able, nevertheless, to use other members' facilities such as the kitchen. I very much hoped that I would, as I wished to get out of the rain to cook my supper.

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