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Sunday, 1 June 2014

The 2014 Challenge, day 6: Kinlochleven to Strathossian (7)

I reached the inlet of the Allt an Inbher and turned left to follow it upstream; and that's when I found a much better, more clearly defined path with a better surface. Turning back to look towards the Blackwater Reservoir (pictured) I could see it had been in existence for some way, whilst I had been following the wretched trail bike track. I uttered a silent curse, whilst being simultaneously thankful that I had, at least, now found a well-surfaced path.

I did not spot the Monument. I know that it IS visible from the path, because one time when I was up here with my wife I crossed over to have a look at it. She stayed on the North side of the Allt an Inbher. I cannot now remember what or who it is a monument to; but even if I had seen it, I do not think on this occasion I should have crossed to take its photograph. I was behind schedule, and worried about time.

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