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Friday, 6 June 2014

The 2014 Challenge, day 7: Double, double toil and trouble (4)

I had a second difficult crossing to make before I reached the Dubh Locham: one of the burns running down out of the Coire na Coichille. I wanted to avoid a cold plunge crossing if I possibly could, but places where a dry-shod crossing would be viable were hard to come by. Eventually, I selected the spot in the picture (taken, again, from the "arrival" side). The last step to the bank was quite a reach - more of a small leap than a step - and as I committed myself to it I felt my take-off foot slipping across the top of the wet rock it was resting on. I threw myself forward with all my might, and my foot only just found the bank, but could not get a grip. The momentum of my rucksack carried me forward, however, and I fell face-down onto the grass. My stomach and chest were on firm ground; but my legs were in fresh air, over the stream. I was able, however, to haul myself forward with my arms, and get myself fully onto the grass. I was unhurt, but it had been a close thing. Maybe I should have been a little more patient, and willing to push somewhat further upstream to select my crossing point.

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