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Friday, 6 June 2014

The 2014 Challenge, day 7: Double, double toil and trouble (5)

The map shows the beginnings of a path a little to the West of the Dubh Lochan, but I did not actually find anything that I would describe as a path until I was beyond the lochan. The area around the Dubh Lochan is peaty and boggy, but I had no difficulty picking a way through with the aid of the various deer tracks. What it would be like after a period of heavy rain, however, I should not like to say.

East of the Dubh Lochan, the path is well made and well drained. Somebody has clearly put a lot of work into making - and maintaining - drainage cuts on both sides, and it was a pleasure to walk down through An Lairig. After a bit, I encountered the ultimate wheelbarrow with attitude (pictured): with a petrol engine and caterpillar tracks, it was clearly intended for working in rough terrain such as here, and was presumably part of the gear which enabled the drainage cuts to be kept in such good condition. I admired it, and wished that I had something like it to assist with our paddocks (which are pretty much pure clay soil, and the ground conditions can be challenging - to say the least - at the end of the winter).

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