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Saturday, 21 November 2015

September Cairngorms (2)

As I gained height, I could see away off to my right the Corbett Mrs B and I had climbed two days previously - Meall a' Bhuachaille, with the lower peak of Creagan Gorm off to its left, and Loch Morlich just visible just in front of it.

I didn't take any more photographs on the way up, because the cloud was down and the views unphotogenic. When I set off, the cloud base was at about 800 metres, but it was slowly lifting as I walked. I, however, was lifting myself up the mountain faster than the cloud was lifting, and I entered the cloud at about 950 metres. The path was well marked by cairns, however, and I was at all times able to see where to head next despite the swirling mists all around me. The ascent is steady and none too taxing; and on a clear day it must be truly magical. But this was not, alas, a clear day!

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