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Friday, 13 November 2015

The 2015 Challenge, day 11: Loch Vrotachen to Kirkton of Glenisla (9)

Eventually I reached the valley floor. It was time for lunch ... only, with that big cooked breakfast inside me, I didn't feel remotely like stopping for lunch. So I just kept walking.

It was one of those days where the weather is clearly intent on bamboozling you. Every time I put my weather gear on, it stopped raining. Every time I took it off because I was getting too hot, the rain started up once more. Eventually I just left it on. Eventually, however, I did feel able to change out of my boots and into my walking sandals and fresh socks for the metalled road.

The rickety bridge is still there (pictured) ... and I still wouldn't choose to cross it!

According to my route map, I was going to cross the River Isla at Fergus, and then take the path on the East side of the glen to Little Forter. However, that would mean changing back into my boots. I didn't really want to do that. My socks were getting wet, but I could live with that as long as I was still in my sandals. So I stayed on the road. There was no traffic, after all.

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