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Friday, 13 November 2015

The 2015 Challenge, day 10: Braemar to Loch Vrotachan (10)

My vetter's suggestion proved correct - there WAS a nice little flat, dry bit near the boathouse, right at the water's edge, and it was here that I pitched my tent for the night. I had established camp by 5 pm, and I saw a couple of walkers up on the ridge above me heading, I guesse, for Carn Aosda. I briefly contemplated making a light ascent myself before supper, but it looked as though some bad weather was coming in, so I decided against it and settled in to my tent to make myself comfortable.

The rain that night was heavy. It began at 5.45 and did not let up. A light ascent of the Munro would have been no fun at all. Once it started, though, I didn't feel like going outside and setting up my stove to cook. I never cook in my tent, either; so that meant either cold supper or no supper. I could always eat a lunch pack for supper, and then cook a supper for lunch one day; but to be honest, I didn't really feel all that much like eating a heavy meal anyway. I'd had a big cooked breakfast and a not particularly strenuous day. So I just ate a couple of sticks of Edinburgh rock which I'd bought from the sweetie shop in Aviemore, and settled down to sleep.

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