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Saturday, 14 November 2015

The 2015 Challenge, day 12: Kirkton of Glenisla to Glenprosen (6)

There is a path shown on the map running down from Craig of Balloch into Glen Quharity. In reality there is a path on the ground to begin with, but then you find yourself in fields with cattle and horses, and there is no obvious path on the ground. It is just a case of making your way down to the gates, and letting yourself through without letting any of the livestock escape. The cattle just ignored me, so that was no problem. The horses were a little more inquisitive - but they too stayed in place as I let myself out onto the Glen Quharity track.

Here I saw two people with a dog, coming towards me from the South, and I decided to take a break and a quick glug, and wait for them to catch up so we could perhaps have a quick chat. They were, after all, the first people I had seen all day. However, it was not to be. Before they reached me, they turned around and headed back down the glen (surely I'm not THAT scary, am I?) - so I shouldered my pack again and headed North up the glen.

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