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Friday, 13 November 2015

The 2015 Challenge, day 10: Braemar to Loch Vrotachan (7)

Ali said that she and her companion were headed for Lochcallater Lodge - and I presume that they were going to take the path south of Creag nan Gabhar to get there - so after exchanging a few more pleasantries we turned our backs on one another and continued on our respective ways.

Soon after my meeting with Ali, it was time to think about crossing the Baddoch Burn. I turned off the track and dropped to the waterside, and looked for a crossing place. Try as I may, though, I could not find a good set of stepping stones that would see me safely across. Always they were just that little too far apart, or reached out three quarters of the way across and then stopped. So after a while I concluded that this would have to be my third "trousers off" river crossing of 2015, and plunged into the icy waters ...

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