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Friday, 13 November 2015

The 2015 Challenge, day 11: Loch Vrotachan to Kirkton of Glenisla (4)

I climbed Glas Maol in severely limited visibility. I wore full weather gear, including mittens, as a light snow fell steadily as I ascended. There was no real wind, however, and that was good. Wind could have been the killer. With a strong wind I should have had to retreat onto my FWQ - the road to Spittal of Glenshee, and then over by Loch Beanie. I really didn't want to have to take that route, and so I was pleased when I reached the summit shelter. How different it looked, however, from the last time I had been up here, with Mrs B (see "A Munro for Mrs B").

According to my route card, having reached the summit of Carn Aosda I was going to do an out-and-back to Creag Leacach. According to my dynamic assessment of the conditions on the mountain, however, no way was I going to spend time up on this ridge, in next to zero visibility, with a steady snowfall which could become worse at any moment. These were not conditions for staying high. These were conditions for getting off the mountain as swiftly as possible. So I set a bearing for Little Glas Maol, and continued into what was, for me, terra incognita.

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