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Saturday, 14 November 2015

The 2015 Challenge, day 14: Becoming a Leg End (14)

From Easter Braikie I took the road (little more than a track, really) headed East North East, crossed the Gighty Burn, and then at the road junction I turned left. I passed the road to Cothill on my right, and then turned right onto the road to Hawkhill. At the junction there was a dirty great rock with "No Through Road" painted on it in big, unfriendly red letters (pictured) - and this seemed a little odd given that the map showed quite clearly that this road connected to the A92 at its far end. It was, moreover, my route to the coast: I was going to cross the A92 at Hawkhill and head down to Lunan. My route vetter had said nothing about this being a no through road and so, nothing daunted, I assumed that the rock didn't apply to me, and turned right.

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