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Sunday, 1 November 2015

The 2015 Challenge, day 6: Dalbeg to Red Bothy (4)

I crossed the Findhorn about two kilometres beyond Coignafearn old Lodge, using the bridge below Creag Fhionnlaidh (pictured). I then continued to the woods in the background of the picture, where I stopped at the ruins of Coignafeuinternich for a rest, a glug, and a slab of Kendal mint Cake. The day was overcast, but the air was still and there was no rain. It was, in short, a good day for walking.

My route from here followed the track up past Carn Mor and Carn Easgainn Mor. My route vetter had told me that there was a bothy up there, which I planned on using for my lunch stop. After that, I planned to cross the North shoulder of Carn Coire na h-Easgainn, drop down to the Allt Mor, ascend the West ridge of Carn na Guaille, and ridge walk hill 713 - Carn Caol and hill 710. Beyond that, according to my route card, I was going to continue over Carn nan Luibean Glas and make a wild camp in the col between there and Carn Dubh Ic an Deoir; but that route assumed that I had camped the night before at the upper reaches of the Allt Odhar. Having continued down to Dalbeg, I had gained a 5 kilometer lead or so, and this meant that I could sensibly lengthen the day at its end, by descending the North East slope of hill 710 and following the track down the Allt an Tudair to Red Bothy.

My route vetters comments on all of this had been that on the map it described "a curious cup-shaped route", but he said he could see the logic. The logic was, of course, all about gaining and using ridge lines, and making the gentles ascents and descents that were available - the stiffest ascent of the day was the stretch I was about to embark upon, from Coignafeuinternich up the flank of Carn Mor, and I had a good track on which to make this ascent.

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