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Saturday, 7 November 2015

The 2015 Challenge, day 9: Derry Lodge to Braemar (2)

I paused for a breather and a glug at the bridge over the Lui Water (pictured), which showed no signs of having been washed away, and put my waterproofs on as it looked as though the rain was coming back. I stayed on the East side of the Lui Water and followed the track through the woods to Claybokie, then took the road to Mar Lodge.

I paused briefly at Mar Lodge to see who was about. Les and Issy were there, and they were heading out through the Morrone Birkwoods - which was my intended route for the day - so I decided to tag along. In all the times I have been from Mar Lodge (or Inverey) to Braemar, I had never yet been through the birkwoods. I had always just trudged along the road. Well this year, I decided, it was going to be different.

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