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Saturday, 7 November 2015

The 2015 Challenge, day 8: Through the Ghru (17)

As I headed into Glen Lui, I tried to remember whether the Lui Bridge was one of those which had been washed away; and if it was, whether it had been replaced. I really couldn't remember ... but it proved pretty academic, because I didn't see the path off to the left which would have taken me to the site of the bridge (whether or not it now actually had a bridge); and by the time I had descended to the bank of the Luibeg Burn, I really didn't feel like retracing my steps all the way back up. The burn looked eminently fordable; so I took my boots, trousers and socks off, changed into my sandals, and plunged into the burn. It was cold ... and it came a little above my knees at the deepest part ... but I was soon on the far bank and dressing again for the last couple of kilometres down to Derry Lodge.

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