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Saturday, 7 November 2015

The 2015 Challenge, day 8: Through the Ghru (18)

The walk down Glen Luibeg to Derry Lodge was really rather special. The weather had been steadily improving since I left Corrour, and it was now quite a balmy evening. The last little stretch to the replacement bridge over the Derry Burn (pictured) was a little boggy, but none too difficult to traverse; and I arrived at Derry Lodge almost exactly 12 hours after I had left Aviemore Youth Hostel.

I was right to suppose that there would be other Challengers camping at Derry Lodge, but there was plenty of space and no crowding. There was, however, cameraderie to be had - which was just what I had been looking for. I pitched my tent, changed into my camp clothes, cooked and ate my supper, washed up, and shared my hip flask with another Challenger camped nearby who said that he had found my Kilchoan route really inspiring. This was really pleasing to hear - it is comments like that which make the effort of writing up this blog seem worth the while.

Before turning in, I waited at the bridge to see Lindy arrive safe from Corrour. She was a little surprised to see me, since I had said that I was heading to White Bridge, and I felt obliged to explain my slight change of plan. Having cleared that one up, I then turned in for the night.

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