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Tuesday, 16 November 2010

The 2010 Challenge, day 10: Glen Tilt to Spittal of Glenshee (4)

Eventually Fealar Lodge came into sight, and the path down to it was clear enough.

After crossing the Allt Feith Lair, however, all was far from clear. The made-up vehicle track which winds its way up the Allt a Ghlinne Mor, over to the Allt Fearnach and down to Daldhu was easy enough to see. But according to the map there is also a path across Miadan mor which crosses the Allt a Ghlinne Bhig and then winds up between Carn an Righ and Mam nan Carn before turning in the direction of Loch nan Eun. It was this path which I wished to take ... but there was no sign of it on the ground!

No matter, it was obvious where (give or take) it ought to be; so I set off across the open hillside in the general direction that the path ought to take. Before long I picked up something resembling a path, which came and went, and I followed it to the crest of the Miadan Mor. From here I had a clear sighting of Stac na h-Iolaire and Carn an Righ, and the impressive corrie on their North West face with its stream coming tumbling down the mountainside. My path followed the next stream over into the pass between Carn an Righ and Mam nan Carn. This too was clear to see, so I headed directly for the confluence of that stream and the Allt a' Ghlinne Bhig, and was soon rewarded with a clear an obvious path.

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