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Sunday, 14 November 2010

The 2010 Challenge, day 8: Kinloch Rannoch to Blair Atholl (7)

Beyond Balnansteuartach, the track turns East and runs parallel to the A9. Indeed, it feels at times as though you are walking the original route of the road, so good is the turf underfoot.

You are scarcely aware of the road and its traffic roaring along beneath you for the two kilometres that you run parallel to it; but then it is necessary to cross. Never pleasant, this - but it is manageable. And then it's down to the river, where there is a bridge which has been there for over a hundred years but which the Ordnance Survey has yet to notice, and you're in Blair Atholl!


  1. It's an odd one this. On my Anquet maps the bridge is sort of shown - its shown as getting halfway across the river...

  2. In 1983 we walked down the dual carriageway a) because it was not shown on the map and b) because it was not finished and like most road works in the UK there was no one working!