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Sunday, 14 November 2010

The 2010 Challenge, day 3: Inveraray to Dalmally (2)

The track up Glen Shira is a well made, surfaced road for the use of vehicles servicing the dam and the power station. The S bend south of Rob Roy's house is a bit of a stiff climb, but if a 27 tonne lorry can get up there, then sure as anything I can!!

Eventually the lower dam of Lochan Sron Mor comes into view (right); and then you have to pass below the main Shira Dam which is an impressive piece of equipment. I had recently had to visit a number of hydro electric power stations on account of a case I was working on to do with their valuation for non-domestic rating purposes; and as a result I had had a hydroelectric power expert explain the mysteries of these things to me in close detail. So I was particularly interested to compare the arrangements here with those at the Welsh power stations I had visited.

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