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Sunday, 14 November 2010

The 2010 Challenge, day 9: Blair Atholl to Upper Glen Tilt (1)

Day 9 was a short day. Only 22km. Deliberately so, because it had two massive great Munros right slap bang in the middle of it. If, however, I was forced (or chose) to use instead my Foul Weather Alternative route (Glen Tilt all the way) then it became a titchy little day. A half day, in fact. Which is just as well really, because received wisdom was that my best chance of sorting out a replacement camera would be in Perth, and it was going to take me half a day to get to Perth and back.

I caught a train into Perth, and I found a camera shop. They surveyed my damaged camera, and agreed it was ****ed beyond repair.

Could they replace it?

There were various cameras they could offer me, but I wanted a Lumix - because all my digital cameras so far were Lumix, and they all worked in exactly the same way. Learn to use one Lumix, and you can use any other, straight out of the box, without having to spend 60 hours reading the instruction manual. Which was what I wanted ... because I was going to take it straight out on the mountain and start using it there and then. I had no time to read instruction manuals.

They no longer made the model I had just broken (I'd got it for a very good price for this very reason); and none of the models that they DID have used the same battery. They had the new model which replaced the one I'd broken - somewhat bigger and heftier. It needed a different battery and a larger pouch; but it was the best option available. Moreover, the shop agreed to post all the bits and pieces to my home address, so all I needed to carry away with me was the new camera and its new pouch. Great!

Question: was the battery fully charged?

The man in the shop didn't know, but he imagined so. I imagined not. A mobile phone unlocking shop around the corner had the right charger for the battery and allowed me to put half an hour's juice in the battery. I'd have liked to put more in, but I had a train to catch. It would have to do.

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