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Sunday, 14 November 2010

The 2010 Challenge, day 2: Carron to Inveraray (4)

Walking the shore path up Loch Fyne to Inveraray, the views were quite spectacular. I could post many pictures, but I shall limit myself to just the one.

Coming into Inveraray, I met up with my wife, who had taken a pitch on the caravan site. She had delivered all of my resupply parcels and visited the Inveraray Food Fair. She reported that the Royal Jubilee Hotel at Dykehead, which had reopened at the time I was booking my accommodation, had closed again - a fact I should not have discovered had I simply posted my resupply parcels, as in previous years! She had, however, managed to find a B&B which had just opened in Cortachy, and had booked me a room for the relevant night there instead, and left my resupply parcel with them.

So as to avoid any suggestion of "support", I had booked into the Youth Hostel at Inveraray. So I walked on to the Youth Hostel and organised some laundry; then my wife and I went in search of supper. Afterwards, she returned to the caravan site whilst I stopped at the Youth Hostel.


  1. I bet she was chuffed with that Jeremy! She delivers all your parcels, rebooks your B&B and you send her off to a campervan!

    Who says romance is dead, eh?


  2. Hey - her choice. She offered - I didn't ask. And she prefers being bby herself in the van to being in a shared dorm in a Youth Hostel.