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Sunday, 14 November 2010

The 2010 Challenge, day 4: Dalmally to Loch Dochard (10)

My own overnight plans changed a little when I reached the two buildings shown on the map at Grid Reference 216417. There is only in fact one building here - a little stable to the right of the track. However, it looked very inviting as an overnight stopping place. For sure, it was a little short of where I had intended to stop; but no matter!

There was plenty of evidence of D of E expeditions having stayed the night in this stable before me; and I daresay it would have been somewhat cosy for a group of four friends, however friendly. I was on my own, however, and found it offered me all the space I could possibly need. So I set myself up for the night, cooked myself supper, and then went down to the water's edge to sit on a rock and enjoy the last of the evening night. I even went for a little paddle ...

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