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Sunday, 14 November 2010

The 2010 Challenge, day 5: Loch Dochard to King's House (4)

I suppose what draws people to the West Highland Way, however, is the views: and there can be no denying that the views truly were pretty spectacular. This one, for instance, as you approach Glen Coe and sight King's House for the first time is really pretty spectacular.

At King's House I had lunch in the Stalker's Bar; and for the second time in my life I found myself sending back a steak (what is it about "rare" that some chefs just don't seem to understand??); and then I discovered the "wild camping area" behind the hotel. I hadn't been aware of this when planning my route; and so when the hotel had said they were already fully booked for that night I had planned instead to take supper there and make camp somewhere up near Black Corries Lodge. But camping behind the hotel, and partaking of refreshment in the hotel bar all evening, seemed like a much better plan! So I went and pitched my tent, and spent a long, lazy afternoon doing not a lot in the vicinity of King's House.

Oh yes - and King's House have a collection of mobile phone chargers left behind by previous guests. One of them was the right one for my 'phone, and they were happy for me to borrow it and recharge my mobile. Thank you, King's House Hotel!

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  1. Just for information. Black Corries Lodge is not a very friendly place to camp, in the past I believe some campers have had their tents damaged which they have been away walking.