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Thursday, 18 November 2010

The 2010 Challenge, day 12: Mayar Burn to Cortachy (5)

After Dreish comes Hill of Strone - a rather unimpressive summit cairn being all the reward one gets for a really rather challenging ascent.

That ascent was to prove to be a problem - for this ridge was proving a tougher proposition than I had imagined when planning the route, and rather than spending a while drinking as much of the Mayar Burn as I could manage before breaking camp, I had been so eager to get going that I had simply filled my water bottles and set off.

Which meant I had only one litre of water to last me the whole length of the ridge - for there are no opportunities to refill water bottles along the way - and it was rapidly becoming clear that this would be insufficient. As I left Hill of Strone and began the long, lingering descent to Cairn Inks, I was already down to about a quarter of a litre. Not good.

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