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Sunday, 14 November 2010

The 2010 Challenge, day 5: Loch Dochard to King's House (3)

And no sooner was I across, than along came another Challenger heading the same way as me ...

... very much the same way, in fact. We were both heading down to Victoria Bridge, then turning North onto the West Highland Way as far as King's House.

So we walked in company, for much of the way, enjoying much pleasant conversation. Which is as well, because, well, what can one say about the West Highland Way? A veritable motorway, I am afraid. Well surfaced to withstand the tramp of thousands of boots - and just as well since, as far as the eye can see, there were clumps of walkers in both directions, every fifty metres or so.

That's not what walking in the Highlands is supposed to be about, so far as I'm concerned! If I want that sort of overpopulation, there are plenty of routes I can go and walk in the Lake District and Snowdonia, both of which are much closer to home. Not my idea of fun at all. Thank goodness I was only doing a short stretch of it! Moreover, with the quality of the surface under my feet, I was fair cracking along! The plan had been to be at King's House in time for supper (I had not been able to book a room - but I could at least get something to eat there!) However, as it happened, I was there in time for lunch!

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