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Sunday, 14 November 2010

The 2010 Challenge, day 2: Carron to Inveraray (2)

Forestry tracks are not always the most entertaining of walking; but the views I got to see as I trudged along towards Brenchoillie more than made up for it! This is the view as the track swings to the left before dipping down into the valley of the Leacainn Water, with Creag Mhor in the left background, and the folk museum and the main road to Inveraray in the valley below. In the right background are the northern slopes of Dun Leacainn.

When I reached Brenchoillie I turned right, and headed to the old bridge. My route vetter had told me that there is a track which parallells the road, which saves a couple of kilometres of road walking down into Furnace; but somehow or other I managed to miss this and ended up walking the road anyway. It wasn't the pleasantest of roads to walk, with a lot of fast traffic, and I would rather have been on the parallel track; but once again, I lived to tell the tale so no harm done!

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