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Sunday, 14 November 2010

The 2010 Challenge, day 8: Kinloch Rannoch to Blair Atholl (8)

As I walked through the back streets of Blair Atholl, I spotted these two wonderful examples of the wood carver's art.

I stopped for some coffee and comestibles at a little tea room, and then made my way to the camp site (I was booked onto the Bridge of Tilt camp site, rather than the castle camp site).

Having pitched my tent, I sorted out my washing and made my way to the camp site laundry. I don't like leaving valuables unattended in my tent, so I slipped my camera into my trouser pocket, along with my mobile phone. Washing done and dried, I walked back into town to have supper at one of the hotels, and as I sat there I decided to take a look through the day's photographs.

When I tried to do so, however, I found I had a problem. The LCD screen was cracked, and I could not see a blessed thing. The consensus of opinion among those to whom I showed it was that it had probably been damaged when I had it in my pocket with the mobile phone and, not to put too find a point on it, it was ****ed!

Now I had a problem! No camera, and nearly half a Challenge still to go - including all five of my planned Munros. I could either carry on without a camera, or I could spend some time tomorrow trying to sort out some sort of a replacement. If needs be, I could always abandon tomorrow's Munros and opt for my FWA. Not ideal, but at least that way I might get photos on three Munros!


  1. Hey, are you trying to break the record for the most postings in one day!
    Just off to Wales for a week, so will enjoy a read when I get back...
    A very long read....
    A really very long read....

  2. Just trying to bring it all up to date ... which is great fun now I'm onto the bit that I have photos for, as it is bringing back lots of happy Challenge memories.

    Think that's all for today, though, as Blogspot has said I'm making so many posts it wants to veryify I'm a real person before posting each of them!