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Sunday, 14 November 2010

The 2010 Challenge, day 4: Dalmally to Loch Dochard (2)

I left Dalmally and headed for Glen Strae. My wife, meanwhile, had to return to England. As I headed West on the B8077, she turned East, and I was on my own again.


  1. Oh very posh a Hymer owner, we only have a Burstner!

  2. It's all in the timing, old boy: all in the timing. We got this one for free in 2003.

    Well, I say for free. We had to pay 22K for it; but with the way property prices were going up and interest rates were going down, I managed to remortgage on a much better LTV (so lower interest rate than just from teh reduction) and in one fell swoop I reduced teh term of the mortgage, reduced the monthly payments AND released 25K of capital enabling us to buy Lucy here.

    As I say ... all in the timing!!