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Thursday, 14 November 2013

Some unfinished business (4)

When I arrived at Lochan Feith a' Mhadaidh, I had a decision to make: stop and camp here, or carry on to my intended camp site? The thing was this. I'd been in cloud and rain for much of the day, and despite the best efforts of my waterproofs,the clothes I was walking in were pretty wet. I had a dry pair of trousers and a dry fleece in my pack, but only one of each. So the problem was the same as I had faced on day 2 of the Challenge. If I pressed on and carried out my original plan - which involved walking the Loch Beoraid path and having another night's wild camping - I could end up starting day 3 with no dry clothes to wear. If it was cold, that could be a real problem. On the other hand, if I camped here at Lochan Feith a' Mhadaidh, I could bale out tomorrow morning by heading South into Glen Beasdale and turning back to the road. Then I could catch a train to Lochailort (or hitch a lift), get my things dried, perhaps have a meal and even a bed for the night, and then take another train to Glenfinnan to carry on with the second part of my plan for this visit to the Highlands - which was to tackle the Corryhully Horseshoe (and FINALLY get Sgurr nan Coireachain off my "to do" list!!) and Gulvain. Well, it looked as if the cloud was going to settle down overnight; and I still hadn't found and fixed that hole in my groundsheet. So I knew I was going to wake up with a lot of damp gear ... and that's wheat really made up my mind. So I pitched by the Western shore of Lochan Feith a Mhadaidh; and once again, I was abed by about 6 pm.

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