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Wednesday, 13 November 2013

The 2013 Challenge: epilogue (3)

I returned South on the Saturday, catching the 10.32 from Montrose. This is a popular train with Challengers; but as in previous years, I had treated myself to a first class ticket so I was in a different carriage from most of them. As the beautiful Challenge country slipped away, and as we found ourselves back in England once more, I reflected on my eighth Challenge with mixed emotions. For a variety of reasons I had spent far more time than I wanted on the roads; and the weather had kept me low for most of the crossing. I had only "gone high" twice, and topped out on just two Munros. But ... what spectacular days they had been! Plus, at the end of day two, I had seriously thought that I would be withdrawing this year due to medical problems. But my symptoms had resolved themselves and I had been able to carry on - and that, in itself, was something to be pleased about. And then, there was the first day in the Rough Bounds. What HAD gone wrong with my foul-weather navigation that day??? That question was bugging me, and it continued to bug me the whole way back. DEFINITELY some unfinished business there!

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