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Wednesday, 6 November 2013

The 2013 Challenge, day 5: The Braes o' Lochaber (5)

As I followed the track, I could see the course of the old tramway up on the hillside away off to my right, and I did wonder about turning off on the side spur that my route vetters had told me about. However, that was not the route I had told Challenge Control I should be taking. It had been raining, and the girders at the stream crossings would be wet and slippery. I had a damaged shoulder, which would make crossing them even more tricky. And if I should happen to get into difficulty, i wouldn't be where Challenge Control expected me to be. So I put the thought from my mind, and continued on the route I had said I should be following.

There is a building shown on the map called Chlinaig. I wondered if this might be either a bothy, or something that might be used as an improvised bothy, so I went to investigate. In case you are ever wondering the same thing, I shall tell you now: it is not. Moreover, the shepherdess who was there tending to her lambing ewes was somewhat hostile and not at all appreciative of my intrusion, even though I took care to stay well away from her sheep. SO I pressed on to Monessie.

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