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Wednesday, 6 November 2013

The 2013 Challenge, day 6: Tulloch to Loch Pattack (2)

The track from Tulloch Station to the road was slow and prickly going; but once I reached the road I was able to make good progress. I had hoped that it would only be necessary to walk on the road for about a kilometre, and that I should then be able to cross the Laggan Dam and follow the track through the woods to Torgulbin. However, when I got to Laggan Dam (photographed) I formed the distinct impression that they weren't all that keen on the idea of people walking across it. Had I not damaged my shoulder, I might have been tempted to try it none the less. But with a damaged shoulder, I decided that the fencing was just too uninviting, and so it was back onto the road for another 6 and a half kilometres to Laggan Bridge.

The road walking was easy, if tedious; but then it was "Challenger ahoy!" for, up ahead of me, I saw another walker whose pack could only really be that of another Challenger. And so I upped my pace and tried to catch up with him ... and I finally did so as we both arrived at Laggan Bridge.

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