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Thursday, 7 November 2013

The 2013 Challenge, day 9: Feshie! (1)

My planned route for Saturday 18 May was to follow the path up the Allt Bhran to Minigaig pass, then ridge walk Leathad an Taobhain, Glas-leathad Feshie, Carn Ealar and An Sgarsoch, before descending to a wild camp at Geldie Lodge. However, when I woke in the morning, the cloud base was only about 100 metres above my head and that, coupled with the forecast of more rain, could only really mean one thing: no Munros today. I would be on my FWA.

My FWA was pretty much a repeat of what I had done in 2000 on my first Challenge. I had had good weather then, however, and had gone high to walk the Carn Dearg - Carn Dearg Mor - Carn Dearg Beag ridge before dropping down to the North and doubling back to Carnachuin and crossing the Memorial Bridge. My FWA, however, presupposed FW ... so no going high. And the Memorial Bridge was no longer there, so the FWA prescribed a diversion North to Stronetroper bridge, before returning and linking glens Feshie and Geldie. I therefore had a lot of distance to cover, even if not a lot of ascent. So I wanted to get going. As I climbed back up to the path, I turned and took this picture looking back down the Allt Bhran. Even on a dull and overcast day with a low cloud base, it looks pretty special!

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