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Thursday, 14 November 2013

Some unfinished business (6)

I descended into Glen Beasdale - and this time there was absolutely no doubt that it WAS Glen Beasdale (Lochan Feith a' Mhadaidh is quite unmistakable - it is the only loch or lochan in the Rough Bounds of South Morar which has an island in it - and the lochan I had camped beside definitely had an island in it) and if you head South you end up in Glen Beasdale without the option. So once I gained the path I turned right, and I was soon down to the road.

I walked the short distance to the station and checked the timetables, but there was no train due any time soon; so I returned to the road and put my thumb out, and had a lift to the Lochailort Inn in no time.

I arrived at Lochailort in time for lunch, and asked about rooms. They had none; but they were happy to let me use their drying room all the same, and that was just fine. So I hung all my wet gear up to dry and spent the afternoon with them in the bar. I thanked them for their hospitality by ordering the occasional drink or two. And I figured (correctly) that my gear would dry in time to catch the evening train as far as Glenfinnan, and then wander up to Corryhully bothy ... which would certainly be a cheaper way of spending the evening.

I also took the opportunity to ask about the weather forecast for the next two days; and alas it was not good! Still, they were the only two days I had available to me, so I was determined to make the most of them.

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