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Wednesday, 6 November 2013

The 2013 Challenge, day 7: Loch Pattack to Dalwhinnie (2)

I crossed the bridge over the Allf a' Chaoil-reidhe, just above the point where it flows into Loch Pattack, and found Ian's companion Colin camped by the fords. Somehow they had failed to make contact with one another the night before, but he was sure they would meet up again today. He was in no hurry to get away, so I continued on my way.

Further round the loch I encountered an Irishman, not a Challenger, just striking camp. We got talking, and walked together for much of the way along Loch Ericht. I wish I could remember his name now. He certainly was an interesting fellow. A teacher by profession, he decided that when he started finding himself teaching the children of former pupils it was time to retire and do something else. So he had spent a while as a coach tour guide, and now he did personal bespoke tours of Scotland for wealthy Americans who wanted a car and a driver all to themselves, and a bespoke itinerary to suit their interests. It sounds a great way to make a living ...

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