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Wednesday, 6 November 2013

The 2013 Challenge, day 5: The Braes o' Lochaber (6)

Monessie farmyard was very muddy, and negotiating the gates was not easy. But eventually I found my way through ... and there I saw something really unexpected. There were two Massey Ferguson 135 tractors parked up, although one of them looked very tatty, and was possibly being kept simply as a source of spare parts for the other. The one in good condition, however, had a front loader on it. This was quite a revelation to me, because I too have a 135, but I had always thought it was too small and light to be able to handle a front loader. I may have to look into this further at some point.

North of Monessie farm, at the top of a steep bank just before the hairpin bend in the track, I found a photographer with a really expensive looking camera on a tripod, sitting doing very little. I asked what he was photographing, and he said he was waiting for the freight train to come through. Apparently it comes once a week, and he wanted to photograph it. Some people do take photographs of the strangest things! I wished him well, and continued on my way.

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