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Wednesday, 6 November 2013

The 2013 Challenge, day 6: Tulloch to Loch Pattack (6)

At the top of the ascent the weather finally caught up with me, and it started to hail. Fortunately the hail did not last for too long; but it looked as though there might be more on the way. moreover, I had to choose between the left fork which would take me to the North of Loch Bhealaich Leamhain (pictured, from above) or the right fork which would take me South of the loch. The left fork was a longer route, but it went through lower and less treacherous terrain. Moreover, I could see that it was clear of snow the whole way. The right fork was shorter, but went higher and through some fairly difficult-looking terrain. Also, I could not see, at the point of having to choose, whether or not it was clear of snow the entire way. What I could see was that there was already snow on the ground (although not the path) in places; and the right-hand path had quite a bit of climbing still to do.

So which way do you suppose I chose to go?

That's right: I chose the right-hand path!

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