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Wednesday, 13 November 2013

The 2013 Challenge: epilogue (2)

On the Friday morning, after a wonderful breakfast, I wandered into the centre of Arbroath and poked around the harbour for a bit. I went to see the lighthouse museum, which is not in an actual lighthouse, but in the shore station for the offshore Bell Rock lighthouse. You can see it in the photograph: the white building in the background. Then at about noon, I wandered up to the station and caught a train to Montrose, where I strolled along to the Park and signed in. I had a room booked so I went and made myself comfortable, had a bath and changed into my new T-shirt. Then I strolled back to Challenge Control to chat with folks ... and this is where being a Friday finisher pays dividends. They had quite a lot of withdrawals, and they had quite a lot of surplus Challenge T-shirts. And this year's T-shirt is a very fine walking base layer. So, as they were trying to get rid of them, I came away with more than just the one!

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