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Thursday, 7 November 2013

The 2013 Challenge, day 9: Feshie! (7)

As those who have come this way before well know, the path turns up the RIver Eidart a little way, to a bridge above an impressive little waterfall. When the River Eidart is in spate - as it was today - that impressive little waterfall becomes truly awesome. Without the bridge it would surely be an impassable obstacle; and I was grateful for that bridge.

Beyond the bridge I caught and passed "the Germans" - three first time Challengers from, well, Germany. They appeared to be suffering a bit, but were struggling bravely on. In the gap between upper Glen Feshie and Glen Geldie you have to: there's nowhere you can sensibly stop. It's just one vast expanse of soggy peat.

The rain had been falling steadily for some time when I caught up with Ian again, and we walked in company for a while. When we came to the crossing of the Allt Dhaidh Mor, however (or maybe it was the Allt Dhaidh Beag) he decided to take the time to change into river-crossing gear. I couldn't see the point, however. This might just as well be a boots-and-waterproof-trousers crossing: so without waiting, I just plunged in and pressed on. I had already decided I was going to aim for the ruined building at NO 003869 in the hope of having a little shelter from the storm, and now I just wanted to get there. It was only a few kilometres off now.

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