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Wednesday, 6 November 2013

The 2013 Challenge, day 6: Tulloch to Loch Pattack (9)

On the descent to Loch Pattack there was still one further river crossing to be made: the Allt Cam. This was another all-in trousers-off fording effort; rather wider than the last and every bit as cold! This time, however, there was no hail to sting my legs before I could get my trousers back on having reached the far side.

It was now just over a kilometre to Loch Pattack, and when I got there I met a Challenger called Ian waiting for his companion and putting up his tent. He had come down past Culra bothy and said it looked set to be fairly busy, so I decided against heading up there (only to have to come back down the same way tomorrow). Instead I decided to pitch my tent by Loch Pattack as well.

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